This script is a powerful tool which give you ability to view any galleries (images, videos, 
html & other) with same part of path but different number(s) part, for each numbers present 
a variable $1, $2 ... $x (temporary 5). It's very useful to view paid site, which you haven't 
access directly.
Just click "<" or ">" to change it. The variable will be changed by +- 1, 10, 100 or 1000.

if numbers are 1,2..9,10,11..99,100... use simple $x ($1, $2 ... $x), 
but if numbers have "0" before it, it is 2 way(temporary):
1. use $$x, $$$x ... $$$..$$$x instead $x (old variant)
example: $1/$$2/$$$3/$$$$4 mean 1/01/001/0001 (if all counters are equal "1")
2. type "0" before number directly in counter (new variant)
example: 05, 003, 037, 0012 in counters give you ...05/003/037/0012 ...

some sites had defense to view its images from other place, then you must use
"new window" checkbox, or local version of this script.

if you have something to tall me, please, welcome to special livejournal community